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Demonstration and Localization of Bone Morphogenetic Protein( BMP) in Fracture Healing

Post-traumatic bone tissue regeneration and repair is very complete, and its repair is often no scar residue. The reason why there is such a perfect bone tissue healing ability, because the memory of bone tissue factor in successful bone, bone growth factors. Bone morphogenetic proteins (bone morphogenetic pro-tein, BMP) because of its emphasis on direct induction of soft tissue into bone. Application BMP4cDNA probe to detect the fracture healing process foreign callus localization and distribution of BMP4 gene expression to explore the BMP4 gene expression outside in closed fracture healing callus formation. 64 healthy SD rats with closed tibial fractures animal models. 12 hours after fracture, 1,3,5,7,9,14 and 28 days after operation. Drawn underwent cryostat, the digoxigenin labeled BMP4cDNA probe situ hybridization. Rat fracture after 12 hours to three days, the detection of fractures around hematoma within cells and muscle emerging mesenchymal cells BMP4mRNA expression as a positive signal. Show that The trauma activates expression of BMP4mRNA, and was regional involved in the repair of fractures, the fracture hematoma and soft tissue has a very important role in the process of fracture healing.