People by regulating cytokine change the direction of the NSC differentiation

1992, Engel et al, first isolated from the adult rat striatum in vitro sustained proliferation of the cell population of the differentiation potential of the neurons and astrocytes, which indicates that the brains of adult mice having NSC characteristicscell populations. In 1998, Eriksson confirmed that the adult brain is also the NSC, to have a new understanding of mechanisms of nervous system regeneration and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Generally think the NSC is mainly present in the mammalian brain, the hippocampus, striatum, cerebellar hemisphere and third ventricle wall as well as the lateral ventricle wall and other areas. In this study, these parts of the rat brain tissue isolation, cultured cells from the morphological characteristics of to cell chemical properties are in line with the characteristics of stem cells, which is consistent with the literature. The nestin protein specific markers are currently widely used for identification NSC its expression began neurulation, gradually disappear after the start of the neuronal migration and differentiation, and with the completion of the differentiation of nerve cells and stops the expression. Different cytokines play a continuous role in NSC proliferation, differentiation process, and ultimately the formation of the various types of cells of the nervous system (except microglia). People by regulating cytokine change the direction of the NSC differentiation, but also want can NSC induced to differentiate into a specific cell type.