Bone morphogenetic protein 4 on the stem cells of the rat brain choline induced differentiation effect

Observe the bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) isolated primary cultured rat brain stem cells (NSC) differentiation induced by cholinergic effect. From 2-month-old rat hippocampus, striatum region isolated cells were cultured in DMEM/F12 medium containing EGF and bFGF, to Nestin (of nestin in parallel morphological characteristics of the cells in the light microscope,) cytochemical staining. After 24h, a switch of BMP4-containing culture medium, the culture was continued for 7 or 8 days. Morphological changes of the cells in the light microscope, parallel choline acetyltransferase (choline acetyltransferase staining of ChAT) and nestin double-labeled immune cells. The results showed that, plus BMP4 cultured for 7 or 8 days, the light microscope to see 34% of the cultured cells with the morphological characteristics of neurons. The immunocytochemical staining visible ChAT-positive cells and nestin-positive cells coexist ChAT-positive cells accounted for 28% of nestin-positive cells accounted for 38%. In short, in the culture broth was added the BMP4 can induce NSC differentiation into cells having a cholinergic properties

    Experiments show that the natural differentiation of neural stem cells (neural stemcell, NSC) is not induced by neuron C-amino butyric acid (C-amino-butyricacid, GABA) to neurons vast majority of spontaneous differentiation of other phenotypic neurons are very rare. Cholinergic neurons is an important class of neurons in the nervous system involved in learning, memory and other important functions. 2000 Lgnacio and other reports, in cultured neuronal cells, bone morphogenetic occurrence protein 9 (bonemorphogeneticproteins-9, BMP9) directly induced encoding choline acetyl transfer enzymes and acetyl choline transporter capsule gene's expression and raised acetylcholine in the synthesis, to intraventricular injection the BMP9 increase acetylcholine levels in the living body, which shows BMP9 is cholinergic differentiation factor of the central nervous system. The BMP family BMP4 also has the same effect. However, with BMP4 the NSC culture cholinergic-induced differentiation has not been reported. To observe the culture medium used in this experiment will BMP4 NSC's cholinergic induced differentiation effects.